Below I have gathered materials that I have developed and used for instruction:

Film and Romanticism

The below material was prepared for a lecture on the subject of Romanticism. Immediately below are the speaking notes for the introduction to this class: 

There has been much written about the multiplicity of meaning that is associated with the term Romanticism. Much effort on the part of literary and intellectual historians working on Romanticism has been concerned with the task of defining Romanticism.  There has been typically two approaches for these scholars. In what has been called a landmark study of the meaning of the term Romanticism, “On the Discrimnation of Romanticism” by Arthur Lovejoy in 1924 set off a considerable amount of debate. Lovejoy considered romanticism from a nominalist perspective. He argued that the term had taken on so much meaning that it essentially meant nothing. He continued to work on defining salient ideas found in the literature of the Romantic period. I want to highlight here that it was his project to locate certain broad ideas that in turn generated many different realizations of romanticism.

Soviet Silent Cinema

In order to address new forms of learning, I was a key contributor and learning designer for an online depository for information on Soviet Silent Cinema. While it remains only in the concept stage, its format allows for quick resource access and allows for collaborative content generation.