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Eric Whedbee
Film Scholar and Media Producer Working in Southern California



I am informed by both my academic background in film and media studies and my work as a media producer. My academic research tends to focus on issues around cinema and affect, representation, occularcentrism and iconophobia, memory, melancholy, and essayism.





B.A. Film Studies from Portland State University in Portland, OR 2009
M.A. Film Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, QC 2012


Production Manager
REVShare, Temecula CA 2013-Present

My job includes the development and creation of short form television advertising content, from screenwriting to production to post-production. I oversee the entire process from conception to delivery. I also serve as cinematographer and editor for the projects we shoot in house. At this position I was hired on to bring video production in house and I accomplished this within the first two years of working with REVShare. When I'm not working on a production, I help perform utility edits for our our clients, manage assets, and manage distribution of thousands of spots to our media partners across the U.S.  


Eric Whedbee Motion Images / Freelance 2002-2014 

I specialize in event videography. While working on productions of my own, I plan and oversee all aspects of production.I also have worked as a contract camera operator for other creative directors. My role includes: Managing videographers, camera operation, editing and color grading and finishing. I am an experienced editor with both Adobe and Apple software. Experienced in sound editing with Adobe audition.

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Concordia University 2012

Synoptique Film Journal

Concordia University 2011-2012

"Studies in Film Directors"
by Randolph Jordan

Concordia University 2010-2011

"Film Aesthetics"
by Donato Totaro


Panelist : "Tweens, Teens, and In-Betweens: The Legacy of the WB"

Presented at the 2012 FLOW Conference

University of Texas, Austin, November 2012

“Hitchcock and the Limits of Visuality”

Presented at the Fourteenth Annual SFSU Film Conference “Cinema in Crisis” San Francisco State University, Department of Film Studies, October 2012

“The Auteur in the Age of Vimeo: The Test Film and Authorial Exchange” 

Presented at the Fourth Annual Yale Film Studies Graduate Conference
Yale University, Department of Film Studies, April 2012

“Melancholia: The ‘In-Between’ and Representation of the Apocalypse” 

Presented at the Seventeenth Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference Concordia University, Department of History and Philosophy of Religion March, 2012

"Representation and Affect: The Collapse of Identity"

Presented at the Graduate Symposium Concordia University, Department of Film Studies. February 2012


Whedbee, E. (2015). Paul Elliott (2011) Hitchcock and the Cinema of Sensations: Embodied Film Theory and Cinematic Reception. Film-Philosophy, 19. Retrieved from



Member of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies